Deliveries on Wednesday (7/3) this week instead of Thursday for the Holiday- Thank you!

Whole/Half Lamb & Goat DEPOSIT

Regular price $559.00

Deposit for Pasture Raised Lamb and Goat. Available to purchase by the Half, or Whole.

A Whole Lamb includes: 42-45 lbs of meat in addition to bones and organs:

  1. 5-6 lbs of Shoulder Roasts
  2. ~4 lbs of Lamb Rack
  3. ~2.5 lbs of Ribs
  4. ~3-4 lbs of Loin Chops
  5. ~3.5 lbs of Shanks
  6. ~24 lbs of Ground Lamb

A Whole Goat includes ~15-25 lbs of Meat

Farmer Ian will go over the cut sheet with you, but possible substitutions include:

  • Leg roasts instead of Shoulder Roasts
  • Loin roasts instead of Loin Chops
  • Stew Meat, or Kabobs for Ground Lamb

Total Cost is $15.99/lb of Lamb/Goat CARCASS weight.

Carcass weights for Lamb can vary from 70 lbs to 85 lbs, and 25-45 lbs for Goat.

Price shown is a DEPOSIT, and the remaining balance will be charged based on the carcass weight. 

Total Cost:

Whole Lamb:

  • $1,119-$1,359

Half Lamb:

  • $560-$680 

Whole Goat:

  • $400-$720

Half Goat:

  • $200-$360