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About Us

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I am a first generation farmer born and raised in Durham. My passion for agriculture started while in high school working for a family friends CSA farm near Southpoint Mall. I followed my passion for agriculture to NC State where I graduated with a degree in Ag Business, and Swine Production. While at NC State, I learned the ins and outs of running a CONFINEMENT swine operation. To earn money in the summers, the farmer I worked for in high school introduced me to Ryan and Alicia Butler who happened to raise their animals on PASTURE. While working for them, my eyes were opened to the implications of raising animals in confinement. The pigs on Ryan’s farm trotted through pasture, and rooted in the woods, while the pigs at NC State were raised on metal floors, and clearly less satisfied. In 2017, I started McGibney Family Farms on a mission to raise animals prioritizing animal welfare while also providing high quality nutritious meat! Thank you for supporting my Farm!

-Farmer Ian