Deliveries on Wednesday (7/3) this week instead of Thursday for the Holiday- Thank you!


Delivery Questions:

Q: Will my order be delivered in a cooler?

A: No. Please consider placing a cooler out on day of delivery. However, we do offer a thermal bag exchange for purchase. MEAT WILL BE FROZEN WHEN DELIVERED.

Q: Will you send a reminder before delivery/notification upon delivery?

A: Yes. Farmer Ian will email you the day before delivery, and you will receive an automatic notification when I deliver.

Meat Questions:

Q: Why do some of your sausages have water in the ingredient list?

A: One of our processors uses ice to cool down the meat after it’s been ground, and anything added to the meat must be included on the label. 

Q: Do your sausages contain wheat/grain derived products? 

A: Some of our sausages include dextrose, but we also have versions available with no dextrose. Contact Farmer Ian if you’d like to make sure.

Q: Are you smoked meats cured, or Uncured?

A: Our Hams, and Bacon are Uncured. Our Snack Sticks, Kielbasa, and Andouille are cured. 

Q: Do you process animals on farm?

A: We process chicken on farm. Beef and pork have to be processed at USDA inspected facilities, so that is not an option for us on farm.

Animal Questions:

Q: Do you raise your animals in confinement?

A: No! We raise our animals on pasture. 

Q: Is your Beef Grass Fed?

A: Yes! Our Beef farm partners raise their Angus breed cows on over 300 acres of pasture near Elon, NC. They cut hay in the Spring, and Fall, so the cows still have access to forage even when grass isn’t growing in the Winter and Summer. They supplement with grain at specific times to promote marbling in steaks.