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Thanksgiving Turkey DEPOSIT

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Introducing Our Pasture-Raised Thanksgiving Turkeys: A Sustainable and Flavorful Delight!

At McGibney Family Farms, we take immense pride in our commitment to sustainable and regenerative farming practices. For the first time, we are thrilled to offer you a truly exceptional centerpiece for your holiday feast: our pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkeys.

Here's what sets our turkeys apart:

  1. Pasture-Raised: Our turkeys live the way nature intended, roaming freely on lush green pastures. They have ample space to forage on a diverse diet of grass, herbs, and insects, resulting in meat that is not only incredibly flavorful but also packed with nutrients.
  2. Sustainable Farming: We firmly believe in the importance of farming practices that nurture the land. By allowing our turkeys to graze on pasture, we not only provide them with a natural habitat but also contribute to the health and biodiversity of our ecosystem.
  3. Regenerative Agriculture: We go beyond sustainability by practicing regenerative agriculture. Through rotational grazing, we ensure that our turkeys have access to fresh pasture, allowing the land to regenerate and sequester carbon. By choosing our turkeys, you actively support our efforts to restore and enhance the environment.
  4. Ethical Treatment: We prioritize the well-being of our turkeys, ensuring they lead a stress-free life. By giving them the freedom to engage in natural behaviors, we promote their overall health and happiness. Our turkeys are never given antibiotics or hormones, allowing you to serve a pure, wholesome meal to your loved ones.
  5. Unparalleled Flavor: The care and attention we invest in raising our turkeys shine through in the taste. The combination of their natural diet, outdoor lifestyle, and the absence of additives results in meat that is succulent, tender, and bursting with rich, authentic flavors. Our turkeys will undoubtedly be the highlight of your Thanksgiving spread.

By choosing our pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkeys, you are not only indulging in a truly exceptional dining experience but also supporting a local farm dedicated to sustainable and regenerative practices. Your decision to bring our turkeys to your table means contributing to a healthier environment and a more resilient food system.

To secure your Thanksgiving turkey, we kindly request that you place a deposit. Please put your desired weight (turkeys should be between 12-18 lbs) in the notes section of the order, including if you would like one bigger/smaller/half.

  • Turkeys should be between 12-18 lbs
  • Price will be $6.69/lb
  • Delivery Thanksgiving week
  • Fresh, not frozen

This is a deposit, and the balance will be due when I have a final weight on the Turkey.