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Meat Club

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Our Meat Club is a subscription that allows you to put together 1 package of meat per month at a set price: ~$40/month, and the package will be worth $55-$65/month. 

You receive one package per month delivered right to your door, and you will customize your package by choosing from a Farmer curated selection of Beef, Chicken, and Pork that changes monthly. Many of our BEST SELLERS (pork chops, ground beef, sausage, bbq, steaks…) are available on a standing, or rotating basis. View the last 2 months of Selections through the links below:

March’s Selections 

April’s Selections

You can join the Meat Club for a 3 month ($45/mo), 6 month ($42/mo), or 12 month (~38/mo) subscription, and you can always roll a month if you need to (vacation, full freezer, etc)

Redeem Meat Worth: $55-$65+/month depending on your choices. 

In addition, you may redeem a 5% discount on any additional order you place while you’re a Meat Club member