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Chicken Backs And Feet

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**OIL GLANDS ARE REMOVED** (Product picture shows oil glands on) Chicken Backs are great for making broth, or stock. 

Chicken Backs and Chicken Feet are culinary gems that have been cherished by cooks and food enthusiasts for generations. Packed with collagen and gelatin, these parts are ideal for creating nutrient-dense, flavorful bone broth that can be used as a base for soups, stews, and various other delectable dishes.

When it comes to making broth, the combination of Chicken Backs and Chicken Feet ensures a rich and robust flavor profile. Simply add these ingredients to a large pot, along with aromatic vegetables like onions, carrots, and celery. Fill the pot with water, allowing the ingredients to be fully submerged, and bring it to a gentle simmer. Skim off any foam or impurities that may rise to the surface, and then let the broth simmer for several hours, allowing the flavors to meld and intensify.

Once your broth is ready, the possibilities are endless! You can use it as a flavorful base for classic soups like chicken noodle, vegetable, or even creamy chowders. It can also be used as a cooking liquid for rice, quinoa, or other grains, infusing them with a rich taste. Additionally, you can incorporate the broth into sauces, gravies, or braising liquids to enhance the overall depth of flavor in your dishes.

Apart from its culinary prowess, bone broth made from Chicken Backs and Chicken Feet offers a plethora of health benefits. The collagen and gelatin present in these parts are known to promote joint health, improve digestion, and support radiant skin and hair. The broth is also rich in essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, making it a nourishing addition to your diet.

To enhance the flavor of your broth, you can experiment with various herbs and spices. Adding bay leaves, thyme, rosemary, or even a dash of turmeric can lend a delightful aromatic touch. For those who prefer a bit of heat, a pinch of chili flakes or a few peppercorns can do wonders. Remember to season your broth with a sprinkle of salt to bring out all the flavors.

When it comes to storing your broth, allow it to cool before transferring it into airtight containers. It can be refrigerated for up to a week or frozen for longer-term use. You can portion it into smaller containers, making it easy to thaw and utilize as needed.

Take your culinary adventures to new heights with our Chicken Backs and Chicken Feet. Experience the incredible flavor and health benefits of homemade bone broth by incorporating it into your favorite recipes. Your taste buds and body will thank you!